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What $375K buys in Chicago right now

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a weekly column that explores what you can buy for a certain dollar amount in various Chicago neighborhoods. We’ve found five homes at or around today’s price of $375,000. Vote for...

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An illustrated guide to SoCal breeze blocks

Before the proliferation of air conditioning, designers devised lots of clever ways to keep buildings cool: cupolas, external blinds and awnings, transom windows. But none were as useful and affordable—or had as much panache—as breeze blocks. The...

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The remaking of Restoration Hardware

It’s very on-brand for Restoration Hardware—the luxe furniture brand known for eccentric oddities, neutral-tone couches, and 17-pound mail-order catalogs filled with J. Peterman-esque product descriptions—to have a CEO quoting poet Robert Frost. B...